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The coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak having spread to different regions of the world, especially in Europe, it constitutes a threat to public health. In this context, the European Parliament has adopted precautionary measures. Hemicycle visits and events -including Euroscola sessions- are cancelled with immediate effect until further notice. That means all Euroscola sessions planned until October 2020 included are cancelled. The European Parliament apologises for any inconvenience and hopes that you can visit us in the future. Please rest assured that these are measures of a temporary nature. The Parliament is monitoring the situation in real time and will adapt its measures accordingly. Any potential change of dates for schools who could not attend Euroscola sessions, should be discussed with the European Parliament Liaison Office in capital cities. Thank you for your understanding!


Euroscola offers an immersive experience in the Chamber of the European Parliament in Strasbourg, allowing high-school students to learn about European integration by experiencing it first hand.

Students from the 28 EU Member States are selected to become Members of the European Parliament for one day.

They take the floor in plenary and committee sessions to debate and vote on resolutions on current affairs, all the while practising their language skills and making friends with fellow students from across Europe.

Teachers also have the opportunity to meet their colleagues and exchange feedback about their own classroom practices & experiences.