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Patronage is a way for Parliament to associate itself with an event by providing its moral support. A limited number of events will be granted such patronage every year.

Patronage may be granted to a range of non-profit events with a clear European dimension, such as conferences, debates, seminars, summer universities, prizes, competitions or festivals.

Patronage can only be granted to events which are limited in duration, with a confirmed date and place.


Particular attention is paid to the extent to which the event highlights the European Parliament's or the European Union's role in and contribution to the field concerned.

Particular attention is also given to events organised by, or aimed at, young people or relating to disadvantaged social groups.

Patronage has no financial consequences, nor does it confer a right to use the European Parliament's facilities.

Once granted, patronage must be adequately publicised. Organisers are entitled to use the EP logo in their communications if they respect its terms of use.

For further information on the conditions for patronage, please refer to the rules of the Parliament available below.


How to apply

Requests for patronage shall be sent to the President by post or by email to the following address:

Martin Schulz
President of the European Parliament

Rue Wiertz 60
1047 Bruxelles

Your request shall be submitted at least two months in advance of the planned event. It shall contain the following supporting information:

  • Application form or a letter with a full description of the event
  • A detailed programme including confirmed dates
  • Any other relevant information
Application form