European Parliament:New powers

Bigger role for the


    According to the treaty changes, the Parliament elects the head of the Commission, the EU's executive body

  •   Following the treaty, Parliament and the Council have the   .

The Lisbon Treaty increased the powers of the European Parliament :


    The Lisbon Treaty extended Parliament's legislative powers to more than 40 new fields and made it a lawmaker at the same level as the Council

    Previous areas of codecision:

    • Environment
    • Transport
    • Internal market
    • Jobs and social policy
    • Education
    • Public health
    • Consumer protection

    Additional areas due to the Lisbon Treaty

    • Agriculture and fisheries
    • Support for poorer regions
    • Security and justice
    • Commercial policy
    • Cooperation with countries outside the EU
    • Implementing acts

    International agreements - right to approve/reject


    Parliament decides on the full budget, rather than on non-compulsory expenditure only


    A new form of participatory democracy. Parliament sought to facilitate the procedures and committed itself to holding hearing for initiatives that have collected the required signatures