The EU negotiates various trade deals all over the world, but they depend on approval by the European Parliament. Read our overview of the negotiations in progress.



The EU is taking many measures to tackle the coronavirus pandemic and its impact. Check out our timeline for a clear picture by theme.

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"The European Union is the best example, in the history of the world, of conflict resolution." 👏 John Hume, Nobel… https://t.co/CeSMcYcDS8

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The EU boasts a pretty good record on road safety, but which countries are the safest? Discover EU road fatality figures by country, age, gender and more.


Climate change 


Read what the European Parliament is doing to ensure that the EU will fulfil its ambitious targets to tackle climate change.

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Flight cancelled due to Covid-19? Don’t wish or not allowed to travel? Find out about your passenger rights in the EU in these exceptional times.

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EU affairs 

How well do you know the EU? Find out by taking part in our EU for beginners quiz.

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