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09-11-2020 13:30 - EPRS online Book Talk | The revolutions of 1989-90 thirty years on [...]

Avveniment ieħor - EPRS
Online Book Talk on 9 November 2020

Full title: The revolutions of 1989-90 thirty years on - How events in Europe and China changed the world

Speaking on the 31st anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall, Professor Kristina Spohr of Johns Hopkins University (SAIS) and the LSE will talk about her new book, Post Wall, Post Square: Rebuilding the World after 1989. Spohr reconstructs the dramatic events of 1989-90 in both Central and Eastern Europe and China, […]

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[...] and looks at how they have shaped the global political order since. Drawing on a wealth of new archival material, her book has just won the 2020 prize for best political science book in Germany.
No registration needed. The link to join the event will be published in due time.

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09-11-2020 14:15 - Sexual harassment in the EU institutions - Public Hearing

Smigħ - FEMM
sexual harassment hearing poster

The Committee on Gender Equality and Women's Rights (FEMM) will organize a hearing on “Sexual harassment in the EU institutions: follow-up of the EP resolution” on 9 November 2020 from 14.15-15.45 remotely.

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Sexual harassment is a form of violence against women and girls and is the most extreme yet persistent form of gender-based discrimination. The hearing aims to discuss the European Parliament's follow-up of its resolution on 'Combating sexual harassment and abuse in the EU', adopted on 26 October 2017. It aims to identify any shortcomings and address recommendations for a workplace free of sexual harassment.

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10-11-2020 14:15 - The Annual Rule of Law Report by the Commission and the Role of National Parliaments

Avveniment ieħor - LIBE
White scales on a blue background surrounded by the EU flag with yellow stars

The Committee on Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs with the support of the Directorate for relations with National Parliaments organises an Inter-parliamentary Committee meeting (ICM) on "The first Annual Rule of Law Report by the Commission and the role of national Parliaments". The meeting is scheduled for Thursday, 10 November 2020, from 14.15 to 18.40, via remote participation.

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The inter-parliamentary committee meeting will be dedicated to an assessment of the first Annual Rule of Law Report adopted by the European Commission on 30 September 2020, in the context of the Democracy, Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights (DRF) mechanism proposed by the Parliament. It will also provide an overview of the impact of COVID-19 measures on Democracy, Rule of Law and Fundamental Rights, with a particular focus on the scrutiny exercised by national parliaments during this period. The meeting envisages the participation of the relevant Commissioner, the Council of Europe and the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) as well as academia and civil society.

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16-11-2020 17:00 - The Athens Roundtable on Artificial Intelligence and the Rule of Law

Sessjoni ta' ħidma - STOA
Cyborg hand holding cloud of justice and law icon bubble

In view of the recent launching of its new Centre for Artificial Intelligence (C4AI), STOA is co-hosting with UNESCO and other prominent institutions the 2020 edition of The Athens Roundtable on Artificial Intelligence and the Rule of Law. The Roundtable is a major international, multi- stakeholder event specifically focused on legal systems and the rule of law.

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Co-founded in 2019 by IEEE SA, The Future Society, and ELONtech, the Roundtable is held under the patronage of H.E. the President of the Hellenic Republic Ms Katerina Sakellaropoulou. Its mission is to advance the global dialogue on policy, practice, international cooperation, capacity-building and evidence-based instruments for the trustworthy adoption of AI in government, industry and society, under the prism of legal systems, the practice of law and regulatory compliance.

The 2020 (virtual) event, hosted from New York City, will welcome many of the previous participants in order to create continuity in the roundtable's purpose, but will also expand its participation to the Global South, with the support of STOA and of UNESCO. The objective of the 2020 proceedings will be to review the progress of the AI governance initiatives of key participating regulatory and non-regulatory bodies, to hear the perspectives of senior representatives of global corporations and civil society stakeholders, to exchange views on emerging best practices, to discuss the world's most mature AI standards and certifications initiatives, and to examine those initiatives in the context of specific real-world AI applications.

Τhe event will take place over two consecutive days (16-17 November, 2020, from 17:00 - 20:30 Central European Time). It will feature prominent speakers from international regulatory and legislative bodies (including STOA Chair Eva Kaili), industry, academia and civil society, and a diverse global audience.

Draft programme

Day 1: 16 November 2020 (all times US EST time)

11:00am - 11:15am: Welcome remarks.
● Eva Kaili, MEP and Chair of the Future of Science and Technology Panel, European Parliament (STOA)
● Cédric Wachholz, Chief of Section, Digital Innovation and Transformation, UNESCO
● Konstantinos Karachalios, Managing Director, IEEE Standards Association

11:15am -11:25am: Opening address.
● Carl Bildt, former Prime Minister and Former Foreign Minister of Sweden; Senior Advisor, Covington & Burling LLP

11:30am - 12:25pm: AI regulatory and non-regulatory initiatives: updates and objectives.
● Jan Kleijssen, Director, Information Society and Action against Crime, (including Ad Hoc Committee on AI (CAHAI)), Directorate General, Council of Europe
● Kilian Gross, Head of Unit Technologies & Systems for Digitising Industry, European Commission
● Eileen Lach, Executive Committee Member, The IEEE Global Initiative on the Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems; Member of the Board of Directors, The Future Society

12:30 pm -1:25 pm: Trustworthy AI: A view from industry.
● Michael Fitzpatrick, Head of Global Regulatory Affairs, Google
● Freek Staehr, Senior Vice President, SAP Legal; Member, SAP AI Ethics Steering Committee
● Lee Tiedrich, Partner, IP/Tech Transactions and Co-Chair, Artificial Intelligence Initiative, Covington & Burling LLP
● Frank Torres, Director of Consumer Affairs, Microsoft

1:30pm-2:30pm: Breakout sessions (see list and speakers below the plenary agenda).

Day 2: 17 November 2020 (all times US EST time)

11:00am - 11:10am: Opening remarks.
● Francesca Rossi, IBM AI Ethics Global Leader

11:15am - 12:10am: Fireside chat with senior national legislators.
● Lord Clement-Jones, Member, UK House of Lords, Former Chair, House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence, and Co-Chair All-Party Parliamentary Group on Artificial Intelligence
● Marty Hansen, Of Counsel, Covington & Burling LLP
● Eva Kaili, MEP and Chair of the Future of Science and Technology Panel, European Parliament (STOA)

12:15pm - 01:10pm: The search for the Unicorn: Is there such a thing as an integrated AI Governance Framework for AI in legal systems and the practice of law?
● Nicolas Economou, Chairman and CEO, H5, Chair, Law Committee, IEEE Global Initiative on Ethics of Autonomous and Intelligent Systems; Chair, Law & Society Initiative, The Future Society
● Clara Neppel, Senior Director of the IEEE European Office

1:15pm- 2:20pm: The future of international AI governance: cooperation or competition.
● Bertrand Braunschweig, Interim Director, Paris Center of Excellence, Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence
● Laura Galindo, OECD Artificial Intelligence Policy, OECD ONE AI Secretariat
● Jan Kleijssen, Director, Information Society and Action against Crime (including Ad Hoc Committee on AI (CAHAI)), Directorate General, Council of Europe
● Paul Nemitz, Principal Adviser, Directorate General for Justice and Consumers, European Commission
● Sasha Rubel, Program Specialist, Digital Innovation and Transformation, UNESCO

2:20pm - 2:30pm: Closing remarks, next steps
● Eva Kaili, MEP and Chair of the Future of Science and Technology Panel, European Parliament (STOA)
● Nicolas Miailhe, President, The Future Society


Online Dispute Resolution. Mimi Zou, Director of Studies in Law, Regent's Park College & PI, Deep Tech Dispute Resolution Lab, Oxford University.

AI in corporate and regulatory compliance. Benjamin S. Haley, Partner ,Covington & Burling LLP, Michael Morneault, Practice Director, H5.

Use of AI in the public domain and implications for the law. David Engstrom, Associate Dean, Stanford University Law School; Jeanna Neefe Matthews, Professor, Clarkson University/ Member, ACM Technology Policy Council; Daniel E. Ho, William Benjamin Scott and Luna M. Scott Professor of Law, Professor of Political Science, Stanford University, and Associate Director, Stanford Institute for Human-Centered Artificial Intelligence (HAI).

Standards and certifications for AI in the law - and beyond. Elham Tabassi, Chief of Staff, Information Technology Laboratory, United States National Institute of Standards and Technology; Marc Cannellas, Vice-Chair, IEEE-USA AI Policy Committee, and Member, ABA AI Legal Ethics Working Group.

Assessing the real-world effectiveness of AI in the law: a case study and resulting considerations for regulatory and non-regulatory frameworks. Maura R. Grossman, Research Professor, School of Computer Science at the University of Waterloo; Hon. Paul W. Grimm, District Judge, United States District Court for the District of Maryland; Bruce Hedin, Principal Scientist, H5.

Legal & judicial education. Hon. Benes Aldana, President, National Judicial College (United States); Sasha Rubel, Program Specialist, Digital Innovation and Transformation, UNESCO; Mantalena Kaili, Executive Director, European Observatory on New Technologies; Peter Zimroth, Director, Center on Civil Justice, New York University School of Law, and Court appointed Independent Monitor, NYPD stop and frisk policies and practices.

ABA Resolution 112: professional conduct in an AI-enabled legal profession. Sophia Adams Bhatti, Head of Strategy and Policy; Simmons Wavelength Limited, Former Director of legal and Regulatory Policy, The Law Society.

AI and Intellectual Property Rights. Clara Neppel, Senior Director of the IEEE European office.

The event will not be webstreamed and the attendance is upon invitation only.
If you wish to attend, please request an invitation at aiathens@thefuturesociety.org.

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30-11-2020 13:30 - EPRS online Book Talk | How to own the room (and the zoom) [...]

Avveniment ieħor - EPRS
Online Book Talk on 30 November 2020

Full title: How to own the room (and the zoom) - Women as great public speakers, past, present and future

Guardian journalist and comedian Viv Groskop will talk about her recent best-selling book, How to own the Room: Women and the art of brilliant speaking, which explores ‘the presence, performance and authenticity of recent history’s great women speakers’ - from Virginia Wolff to Christine Lagarde. […]

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[...] Groskop offers advice on finding confidence and projecting authority in effective public speaking, and explains what 'owning the room' means - and how to 'own the zoom' in the future.
No registration needed. The link to join the event will be published in due time.

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09-12-2020 15:00 - 2020 -Digital human rights and the future of democracy: Lessons from the pandemic

Avveniment ieħor - STOA
STOA Annual Lecture

If the sanitary conditions do not allow physical presence, participants will be able to follow the event via webstreaming.

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This year, STOA's Annual Lecture will focus on the disruptive effects of the digital revolution upon democracy and the protection of civil liberties and human rights in the context of the current pandemic. It will examine the impacts of digital technology on democratic decision-making and the notion of democratic citizenship. The Annual Lecture 2020, chaired by STOA Chair Eva KAILI (S&D, Greece), will investigate the challenges associated with the growing datafication of our societies and the need to reclaim data sovereignty in the era of artificial intelligence.

The event will open with a speech by the STOA Panel Chair. A keynote lecture follows by Shoshana ZUBOFF, Charles Edward Wilson Professor Emerita of Business Administration at Harvard Business School and award-winning author of 'The Age of Surveillance Capitalism'. Professor ZUBOFF is a world-class thinker whose research is focused on the contested digital transition, its relationship to the future of capitalism, and the consequences for individuals and society.

Her keynote speech will be followed by a panel discussion on various aspects of key new technologies, with the participation of Members and experts in the above fields. An online public debate will close the event.

'Our digital century was to have been democracy's Golden Age. Instead, we enter its third decade marked by extreme asymmetries of knowledge and the power that accrues to such knowledge, as surveillance capitalism seizes control of information and learning itself. Today the unaccountable power of the tech companies threatens to remake society as it unmakes democracy, exposing a void where democratic power should be and alerting us to our historical condition: We march naked into the digital century without the charters of rights, legal frameworks, regulatory paradigms, and institutions necessary to ensure a digital future that is compatible with democracy. If digital technologies are to advance the aspirations of a democratic people in our time, then we must invent the laws and institutions that will make it so.'

- Shoshana Zuboff, author, The Age of Surveillance Capitalism, Professor emerita, Harvard Business School

Draft Agenda

  • 15:00-15:10, Opening remarks, Eva KAILI, STOA Chair
  • 15:10-15:25, Speaker t.b.c.
  • 15:25-15:55, Keynote speech, Professor Shoshana ZUBOFF
  • 15:55-16:25, Discussion with experts, Members of the European Parliament and the public, including:

Fredrik HEINTZ, Associate professor of Computer Science at Linköping University, Sweden; President of Swedish AI Society, Director of Graduate School of Wallenberg AI, Autonomous Systems and Software (WASP)

Karen YEUNG, Professor of Law, Ethics and Informatics, Birmingham Law School and School of Computer Science, University of Birmingham, United Kingdom

  • 16:25-16:30, Closing remarks, Eva KAILI, STOA Chair

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16-12-2020 14:00 - EPRS online Book Talk | The story of the EU Global Strategy [...]

Avveniment ieħor - EPRS
Online Book Talk on 16 December 2020

Full title: The story of the EU Global Strategy - Defining the principles and priorities of Europe’s foreign policy

Dr Nathalie Tocci of the Istituto Affari Internazionali (IAI), who worked with HR/VP Federica Mogherini in drafting the latest EU Global Strategy in June 2016, will talk about her recent book on the process. Entitled Framing the EU Global Strategy: A Stronger Europe in a Fragile World, Tocci’s book explains the origins and substance of the strategy, […]

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[...] and offers a behind-the-scenes portrait of the players involved and the choices they made in seeking to define the principles and policies that encapsulate the Union's world view.
No registration needed. The link to join the event will be published in due time.

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Seduti ta’ smigħ

Skond l-Artikolu 193 tar-Regoli ta’ Proċeduri, kumitat jista’ jorganizza seduta ta' smigħ ma’ esperti, meta dan jitqies essenzjali għal xogħolu fuq suġġett partikolari. Is-seduti ta' smigħ jistgħu jsiru b’mod konġunt minn żewġ kumitati jew aktar. Il-biċċa l-kbira tal-kumitati jorganizzaw seduti ta' smigħ regolari, peress li jippermettulhom jisimgħu mingħand l-esperti u jkollhom diskussjonijiet fuq kwistjonijiet fundamentali. F’din il-paġna għandek issib l-informazzjoni kollha disponibbli li għandha x’taqsam mas-seduti ta' smigħ tal-kumitati, inkluż programmi, posters u kontributi mill-kelliema.


Il-Workshops huma organizzati mid-dipartimenti politiċi u ġestiti b'mod konformi mar-Regolament Finanzjarju. Mhux bilfors isiru fil-pubbliku, jistgħu jsiru waqt laqgħa ta' Kumitat.

Il-Workshops jippermettu li l-Membri jagħmlu mistoqsijiet lil esperti u jiskambjaw fehmiet magħhom dwar suġġetti assoċjati mal-attività parlamentari jew suġġetti ta' interess attwali.

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