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Meet our interns

We have asked our current interns, Isabella, Bertrand, Katherine and Jacob to share some of their thoughts about their experiences at EPLO and in Washington DC.


What is the most interesting aspect of EPLO’s Internship Program?
Bertrand: Meeting with MEPs, congresspersons, ambassadors, professors and experts and working with EPLO’s officers is fascinating and a unique opportunity to dive into the specifics of Transatlantic issues ranging from AI governance to climate legislation, to international trade, to humanitarian migration, etc.
Katherine: Learning about the European perspective on issues of transatlantic interest, like climate change and data privacy.
Jacob: The interaction with staff. Everyone who works here wants to make sure the experience is as fun and educational for all the interns. They are always willing to talk to us about policy and are very social.
Isabella: Everything is interesting. My colleagues, the focus on transatlantic issues, and the environment make working here such a blast!

What is your favourite place to go or thing to do in Washington, DC?
Bertrand: Free museums are all over! Personal favourites: the Phillips Collection and the Rothko room of the National Art Gallery.
Katherine: I enjoy wandering through the national museums; the Hirschhorn is particularly lovely to walk through.
Jacob: I like to explore DC attractions like the Lincoln Memorial or visit the Smithsonian museums with friends.
Isabella: Obviously my favourite place to go is here at work at EPLO!!!! Also embassy events! It’s great learning about different cultures from the source itself!

Can you tell us something about yourself that your colleagues might not know?
Bertrand: I make the greatest ratatouille and crossed France twice on my bike. You’re in for the next trip?
Katherine: I spent 11 years singing, dancing, and acting and attended performing arts schools.
Jacob: I have 2 golden retrievers back home in NY named Luke and Laci.
Isabella: Growing up, I wanted to become a professional photographer for National Geographic.

How do you think this internship will help you in the future?
Bertrand: Having a background in law and technology, I was asked to write comparative reports on data privacy legislations and AI governance; both major policy issues I would like to advocate for in the future.
Katherine: After working as an English teacher in Chile in France, this internship will help me refresh my research skills and get to know the DC area.
Jacob: It will give me policy experience on a wide range of issues and get some time off the Hill!
Isabella: This internship is helping me be more adaptable to different work requirements and I am getting better at multitasking on policy areas I am interested in!

What advice would you give to future interns?
Bertrand: Coffee breaks are better with a croissant from Paul’s bakery around the corner. For the rest, make sure to keep track of all the fascinating conferences and hearings happening every day in town.
Katherine: Keep those reports short and to the point, always think of the transatlantic angle, and a little office chocolate is good for productivity.
Jacob: Always be open to work with all the staff. Don't be nervous, it will be great. Explore DC while you are here. It's a great city.
Isabella: Don’t commute. Don’t do it!!!! Live in DC and take advantage of everything it has to offer.

What have you enjoyed most about living in/exploring DC? Has anything surprised you so far?
Bertrand: Sunrises are beautiful but I am still waiting for the cherry blossom season…
Katherine: I've enjoyed reconnecting with old friends, making new ones with my fellow interns, and networking with fellow foreign affairs nerds in the Young Professional in Foreign Policy and Washington European Society.
Jacob: I think how close the city has been is really interesting. It is very close knit. The food scene is very good. Although I do wish there was a Wegmans here!
Isabella: So thankful for such great public transportation in this city! The metro is clean and reliable and makes getting around such a breeze.

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